Trying to figure out the potential of ReceiptHog w/ napkin math

So I just started using ReceiptHog and getting into the beer money thing. I don't mind whatever the payout is for the tiny time investment. I'm basically getting a bit of money back from what I spent; that's fine with me! But I wanted to do some terrible napkin math to see what's reasonable/realistic with it.

So according to the FAQ the maximum receipts seems to be 80 or 20 per week. The maximum coins you can get per receipt is 20 ($100+ receipt). So you think, ah ha, I'll go all out, 80x20=1,600 coins! Nope. Each week, after you earn 100 coins, every receipt after is just 5 coins. So if 20 receipts per week, that means at best, it's 150 coins, which is 600 coins a month. The minimum payout coin wise is 1,000 coins, which is $5. So lets say you save those 600 coins instead for a year. That's 7,200 coins. 6,500 coins is $40. So now you have $40 and 700 coins left over in one year.

So that's kind of the baseline of just receipts if you do it well enough.

Lets take it a bit further. I think the coinage for taking the initial survey was 30 coins (correct me if wrong, I forgot), then you can get 36 coins for linking your Amazon and 100 coins for your email. So that's 166. Which we now have $40 and 866 coins.

Then if you check out the Levels section, you earn some coins for leveling up, until a certain point. From level 1 to 11, it's Hog Slots oppertunities. So I'll ignore this. I'll just add up the coins you can possibly get from level 12 up to 40. The total coins possible with that is 10,330 coins...woah. I have NOOOO idea how long that would take or how many receipts that is. So lets pretend it's possible to get to level 40 within the year also.

So we have $40 plus 866 coins so far. Then add in the 10,330 coins which is 11,196 coins. So lets cash those out. 11,196-6,500=$40. Now 4,696 coins. 4,696-4,300=$25. 396 coins left. So now our total (probably?) value is $105 and 396 coins left.

So after one year of just sending in receipts and climbing the levels to get those coin bonuses and doing the first 3 bonuses (survey,amazon,email) you'll probably make $105 bucks.

Now there's the wild card which is the Hog Slots and then the monthly bonus which the maximum reward is 5,000 coins, so about $25-ish. There's definitely more potential with the Hog Slots and those rewards. One of the Hog Slots rewards is $100 for example!

I know this is kind of long and probably not 100% accurate but I hope it gave some kind of idea of what you might earn in a year doing it.

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