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Trying to figure out the potential of ReceiptHog w/ napkin math

So I just started using ReceiptHog and getting into the beer money thing. I don't mind whatever the payout is for the tiny time investment. I'm basically getting a bit of money back from what I spent; that's fine with me! But I wanted to do some terrible napkin math to see what's reasonable/realistic with it.So according to the FAQ the maximum receipts seems to be 80 or 20 per week. The maximum coins you can get per receipt is 20 ($100+ receipt). So you think, ah ha, I'll go all out, 80x20=1,600 coins! Nope. Each week, after you earn 100 coins, every receipt after is just 5 coins. So if 20 receipts per week, that means at best, it's 150 coins, which is 600 coins a month. The minimum payout coin wise is 1,000 coins, which is $5. So lets say you save those 600 coins instead for a year. That's 7,200 coins. 6,500 coins is $40. So now you have $40 and 700 coins left over in one year.So that's kind of the baseline of just receipts if you do it well enough.Let…

Entire Factory Walks off the job after a few workers were sent home as punishment

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