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I downloaded ProxyPics to my phone last month. So far, I've taken 3 photos this month for $3.25 each within the past 4 days. I went downtown Atlanta to take a picture of the Coca Cola bottle cap and into 2 different neighborhoods to take a photo of the front view of homes.

It's very easy. Each assignment comes in the form of a push notification. Any person in the proximity of the assignment can accept it. Once you are inside of the app, you receive the address and details of the assignment. You have 1 hour to take the picture. You take the photo within the app and upload it. Within seconds, you are paid.

The app has a section where you add your bank account and routing number. They don't have any other way to be paid right now.

I love this app and the growth potential of it. Within the real estate industry, there are so many people and organizations that need up to date pictures. And there are plenty of ordinary people that want pictures to for various and random reasons.

Here is a video of the creator explaining ProxyPics.

If you are interested in the app, here is the website.

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