Realistic goals for beginners and other annoying questions.

I have been thinking about starting to stream recently. Mostly for fun, but I do have some questions.

What are some realistic goals I can set for myself so I don't lose my motivation quickly? I tend to have unrealistic goals and they burn me out on stuff quickly. How did you stay motivated?

Do I just play whatever game I feel like play? At whatever time I feel like it? Or should I start some kind of schedule early?Streaming Fortnite now seems counterproductive for example, as I am sure that nobody will ever encounter your stream with 0 viewers in the thousands of other available streams. But I do enjoy all kinds of games. Not all of which are stream friendly.

What are some things that you did to grow your starting channel? How important is Face Cam?

And finally.. Should I change my sex and get a boob job?

No seriously... (dumb joke there) Is there anything I should definitely know before streaming?
I am sure I forgot some basic questions, but let's not take too much of your guys time.

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