Earn SYW Rewards $ for Driving or Riding with Uber (or ordering Uber Eats)

The Sears/Kmart/Land's Ends' Shop Your Way rewards program has a partnership with Uber for some reason that isn't really clear to me. I just got a KitchenAid Pro stand mixer for free with the points I earned from this program for taking rides. They also pay out for uber eats orders and for driving. I suggest you link up your accounts and let the free points roll in. Their site is buggy sometimes -- it may take a moment to load. Here's some screengrabs: https://imgur.com/a/q8YZPip

If you're a driver: You can get up to $100 in points by giving rides over any given 3-month period after you link ($400/yr). You also get 50% off oil changes and some services at Sears auto centers. If you're a new driver you can get a $425 signup bonus, then you earn up to $100 per 3 months afterwards ($2/ride).

If you're a rider: You earn a minimum of $2 in points for every ride you take after you link your account. On holidays they usually raise it to $5/ride. In November/December it was $4/ride. For Valentines Day and St. Patricks it was $5 for the weekend. Etc.

If you order delivery: Uber eats orders earn the same reward as taking a ride. This is usually $2, but can increase from time to time.

You can redeem the points for anything Sears/Kmart/Land's End etc sells in store or online. If you save up enough points, you get the items you want for free and don't have to pay sales tax (they come off as a coupon, so you can buy things for free in effect). You cannot use the points as uber credit or to buy gift cards.

Here's a referral link (I earn $5 in points with code CCZ14K): http://shopyourway.com/uber/r/CCZ14K and here's a non-referral link: http://shopyourway.com/uber

I've made about 2k in rewards dollars off this over the past 9 months and effectively re-did my kitchen for free. Sears is slowly spinning toward bankruptcy but you might as well try and take advantage of their crazy rewards scheme while you can.

btw: the terms and conditions on this aren't usually enforced. The terms say Uber Pool rides don't count for rider credit. But they do. The terms say only rides in the US count for credit. But I can assure you rides in Australia and the UK do as well... There's very little to lose by linking your account and seeing what you can get for free.

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