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How would I turn this into a working schedule using the four paying apps that would allow me to at least make $400 a week including breaks.Let me know if my math is wrong.

It’s Summer, so I have basically nothing to do. So if I start at 11:00 am each day, how much would I make. And if I could make $400 a week, what would be a good working schedule for something like that.PerkTV10 minutes = 25 points 10 minutes = 50 points 20 minutes= 50 points 40 minutes= 100 points 20 minutes= 120 points1 hour= 120 points 120 points = 240 points 2 hours= 240 points 4 hours= 480 points 4 hours= 480 points 8 hours= 960 points16 hours= 1,920 points32 hours= 3,840 points64 h= 7,680 P 128 h= 15,360 5 (Perk TV) days= $10Bing rewards 1,025 P6,500P=$510 M= 5P 20 M= 10P 40 M= 20P 80 M= 40P 160 M= 80 P 320 M= 160 P 640 M= 320P 1,280 M= 640 P 2560 M= 1280 P 5120 M= 2560 P 10240 M= 5120 P 12,800 M= 6400P 13,120 M= 6560 P9 (bing rewards) days= $5Blabber15000 Messages= $15 813M 10 M= 37P 20M= 74P 40M= 148P 80M= 296 160M= 592 320M= 1184 640= 2368 1280= 4736 2560=9472 3840= 14208 4160= 153923 (blabber) Days= $15 So... 9 (blabber) days= $4510 days= $60 10 days 10 days 30 days= $180Gift…

Earn SYW Rewards $ for Driving or Riding with Uber (or ordering Uber Eats)

The Sears/Kmart/Land's Ends' Shop Your Way rewards program has a partnership with Uber for some reason that isn't really clear to me. I just got a KitchenAid Pro stand mixer for free with the points I earned from this program for taking rides. They also pay out for uber eats orders and for driving. I suggest you link up your accounts and let the free points roll in. Their site is buggy sometimes -- it may take a moment to load. Here's some screengrabs: you're a driver: You can get up to $100 in points by giving rides over any given 3-month period after you link ($400/yr). You also get 50% off oil changes and some services at Sears auto centers. If you're a new driver you can get a $425 signup bonus, then you earn up to $100 per 3 months afterwards ($2/ride).If you're a rider: You earn a minimum of $2 in points for every ride you take after you link your account. On holidays they usually raise it to $5/ride. In November/December…

Dealing With Difficult People at Work: Stoic Strategies by Greg Sadler

" From a Stoic perspective the question isn’t whether such people exist. It isn’t even whether labeling them in these ways is somehow wrong, or unfair, or offensive – read around in Marcus, Epictetus, and Seneca, and see how many people they are willing to label along similar lines! The real question is how we can deal with those difficult people in productive and positive ways. What resources does Stoicism afford us? " submitted by /u/StoicSolutions to r/Stoicism

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FACILITATED TRADING: T-Mobile Tuesdays Trading/Discussion thread June 05, 2018

/u/luckybuilder has some time today so he can help facilitate trades again this week. Please use the below Google form for giveaways/requests/trades. We've created this for convenience and to prevent scammers. Please note that not all requests may be fulfilled and not all trades may be completed as demand for certain codes usually far outweighs the supply.One code from the week usually ends up being the most requested, but very few of that popular code ends up being submitted. To help with this, we have a new point system. People who give away this desired code will receive a credit, which puts them at the top of the list for codes in future weeks. Therefore, it is in your best interest to submit this code if you're not using it. Please see the stickied comment for details.Some notes:IF YOU TRADE A CODE AFTER INPUTTING IT TO THE FORM, YOU WILL BE BANNED FROM THE SUBREDDIT, PUBLICLY SHAMED, AND BLACKLISTED FROM THE GOOGLE FORM. NO EXCEPTIONS.Sorting through all these requests t…