I started streaming on Twitch! And you can earn crypto by watching.

http://ift.tt/2qeVzYp # Hey dear Steemians, A couple of days ago I started streaming on Twitch.tv Thanks to my brand new gaming laptop I can now run a video game and stream at the same time. I wanted to try this out, so I set up my Open Broadcast Software (OBS) and tried a couple of games! Now that I did 4 streams in total, I can say that everything is working fine now. At the moment I am streaming Total War: ARENA and Euro Truck Simulator 2. My idea is to have a chill stream where people can relax, hang out, and chat with me and each other. I have a couple of other games that I can play on stream, such as War Thunder, World in Conflict, OpenTTD, Max Payne 1 and 2, Fallout New Vegas, and some more. However, for now I'm really enjoying Total War: ARENA so I'll keep playing that for now. _________________________________________________________________________________ ###
[Visit my Twitch channel here!](http://ift.tt/2lLVd7h)
_________________________________________________________________________________ # So, how do we earn crypto by watching your stream? There's this new project called Refereum. It's a new crypto that is trying to revolutionize the streaming world.
*Source: cryptocurrencytalk.com* Refereum is supported by Twitch and Unity, which holds a lot of promise for the project. *Right now, you can earn points for the first distribution of Refereum tokens by signing up and watching other streamers who are affiliated with Refereum (like me!). If you want to know more about Refereum, be sure to check out their website [HERE](http://ift.tt/2zx92fp), and if you want to sign up, feel free to use my referral link: http://ift.tt/2qeVBzv. ### If you're interested in watching my stream, be sure to [visit my channel](http://ift.tt/2lLVd7h) and leave a follow! This way you'll get notified when I go live. See you there! http://ift.tt/2wmOkQ7 --> Read another post: [How many of these figures have you seen today?](http://ift.tt/2qgfPsM)

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