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November 6, 2017 at 12:26AM

Starting with the 4 gang outlet box break 3 tabs (picture)

Take an outlet and on the bronze side is a tab that connects the 2 outlets together, with pliers break the tab to have 2 individual outlets,do this to the 3 remaining outlets, don't have to break the silver side.

With the outlet, take a piece of wire I used 14 gauge, and attach one wire to the bronze screw. Take another piece of wire and attach to the other bronze screw. Do that to the other 7 outlets, should have 8 wires total.

Then with another piece of wire cut 4 proximate equal lengths to basically daisy chain the neutrals (silver screws). Then on the last silver screw cut a piece of wire longer to hook up on neutral side of the plug .

Do the same with ground as you did with neutrals.

Take 4 of the hot (bronze screw side) wires and place through one of the broken tabs. With the 4 remaining wires, place through another broken tab. Then on the neutral wire and the ground wire stick through on the last broken tab.

With a phillps screwdriver or a square head screwdriver screw the outlets in the box

Now with the wires poking through the broken tab. Connect each of the hot wire to the SSR with a small flathead screwdriver. For example, all the top row of the outlets are odd and all the bottom outlets are even. With number one outlet being the top left, connect it to channel one on the ssr. Number two outlet being the bottom left, connect to channel two, and so fourth until all the wires are connected.

With the neutral, ground, and the hot coming from the relay board either put an plug end on like I did or add a wire with a plug on.

After the wires are connected, mount the SSR board to the back of the box. By taking a box cutter or pair of scissors and cutting drywall anchors in half to use as standoff. Place the standoffs where the mounting holes are and mount with small screws.

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