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Raspberry Pi LightshowPi

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November 6, 2017 at 12:26AM
Starting with the 4 gang outlet box break 3 tabs (picture)Take an outlet and on the bronze side is a tab that connects the 2 outlets together, with pliers break the tab to have 2 individual outlets,do this to the 3 remaining outlets, don't have to break the silver side.With the outlet, take a piece of wire I used 14 gauge, and attach one wire to the bronze screw. Take another piece of wire and attach to the other bronze screw. Do that to the other 7 outlets, should have 8 wires total.Then with another piece of wire cut 4 proximate equal lengths to basically daisy chain the neutrals (silver screws). Then on the last silver screw cut a piece of wire longer to hook up on neutral side of the plug .Do the same with ground as you did with neutrals.Take 4 of the hot (bronze screw side) wires and place through one of the broken tabs. With the 4 remaining wires, place through another broken tab. Then on the neutr…

7 Questions to Ask When You’re Feeling Stuck

Pandering Never Builds a Legacy

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October 31, 2017 at 07:30PM I’m as guilty as anyone else who says that to build a business, or a blog, it’s good to ask people what they want and then give it to them. It works!But there’s another side to this thinking, and I heard the counterpoint presented beautifully last week by Paula Pant. I wrote about Paula in the appendix of SIDE HUSTLE—she’s my go-to expert on rental properties, a topic I know little about, but one that often comes up in the small business world.For years, she’s published a popular blog about personal finance. But as she shared in a talk, after starting down the familiar path of “Hey everyone, what should I write for you?” she realized that maybe it was better to ask herself what she wanted to do.Here’s some of what she said that resonated with me:“The revolutionaries who came before us – the people who shook the worlds of architecture and music and food and art and technology – they thought bigger tha…