IOTA Faucet - Get IOTA For Free Here (July 2017)

![IOTA.png]( This is a IOTA Faucet where you can claim free IOTA. # Instructions: **1)** Upvote and Repost this post **2)** Make a comment like this: `"Please Send @username IOTA"` but replacing "username" with your account name. For example you would click Reply and post like this: Please Send @faucetguy IOTA # Rules: To be rewarded you must have made a Claim comment and Upvoted this post. You may claim from the IOTA faucet once each month. You can make general comments other than a claim but only claims in the correct format will be paid out. # Useful Links: # Donations: You can also donate IOTA here to help keep this faucet running and also to raise the rewards. GOESMRFWUONEQKSYQBVMLPISYPOYPHUGRMRWLSLPLHHRHXQTHXMNWO99CNLZIPNVEZWFITWG9RXD9VFBUSEFUBMCMX

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