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Lame Pigeon Follows its Friend

Shot this at Frankford Transportation Center with my LG V10 as I was waiting for a bus - this lame pigeon kept following this other pigeon around, so I thought it might make for an interesting video....
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The Oatmeal

Hopefully Stephen Moffat and Joss Whedon don't get in on the act, otherwise we're all screwed....
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Aveda Cosmetology School Class Action Settlement | Class Action Rebates

Here's something for the Philly folks: Anyone who paid for a service at The Jean Madeline Aveda Institute between 02/24/2008 and 02/16/2016 can file for $25 cash or $50 in vouchers. Deadline is 06/06/2016
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New York City Towing Class Action Settlement | Class Action Rebates

For any in the NYC area, this settlement might be of interest. Deadline to file is 04/23/16
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Amazon Adds Monthly Prime Subscriptions Including $8.99 For Video Only

Paying monthly full Prime shipping, streaming, etc comes to $131.88/yr ($10.99/mo X 12). Best case for monthly would be only signing up when you know you'll be buying lots of things (Back to school, Holidays, etc)
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"Rethinking Capitalism: Challenges and Possibilities" by Ali, Abbas J. - Advances in...

"As we have discovered to our cost, the problem of unbridled free markets in an unsupervised marketplace is that they can reduce all relationships to transactions, all motivations to self-interest, all sense of value to consumer choice and all sense of worth to a price tag." Gordon Brown (2009) Britain's Prime Minister from 2007-2010
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94/7 Alternative Portland

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Brussels Terrorist Laptop Included Details Of Planned Attack In Unencrypted Folder Titled...

KIIS 1065

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BREAKING: Wharton junior dies at 40th Street Station

This happens too many times.
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Kellogg professor studies adoption, impact of lottery-linked savings

"The study also showed the two groups most interested in opening these accounts had no previous transactions with banks or were in debt. The latter group saw greater increase in their savings, Iverson said."
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Citymapper - The Ultimate Transport App

Great transit app for either iPhone or Android, has smartwatch integration too.
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Prodigio: Connected Nespresso machine

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BABYMETAL - Road of Resistance - Live in Japan (OFFICIAL)

You may have seen BABYMETAL on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert - here's another live video that shows just how well they can rock a major venue...
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RIP Erik Bauersfeld, the Voice of Admiral Ackbar and Bib Fortuna

RIP Admiral Ackbar...
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What are the Panama Papers? A guide to the biggest data leak in history

The "Explain this like I'm 5 years old" version of the Panama Papers goes a liitle something like this (via reddit): "When you get a quarter you put it in the piggy bank. The piggy bank is on a shelf in your closet. Your mom knows this and she checks on it every once in a while, so she knows when you put more money in or spend it. Now one day, you might decide "I don't want mom to look at my money." So you go over to Johnny's house with an extra piggy bank that you're going to keep in his room. You write your name on it and put it in his closet. Johnny's mom is always very busy, so she never has time to check on his piggy bank. So you can keep yours there and it will stay a secret. Now all the kids in the neighborhood think this is a good idea, and everyone goes to Johnny's house with extra piggy banks. Now Johnny's closet is full of piggy banks from everyone in the neighborhood. One day, Johnny's mom comes home and sees all the…