Wire Wrapper Tool

This is a beautiful and inexpensive tool; a rare mechanical hand tool with precise tolerances. To attach fine wires, such as wiring up LEDs into circuits, wire wrap makes soldering unnecessary. Strip about 3/8 inch on the end of a wire, thread the exposed wire up one of two incredibly tiny slots in the end of the wirewrap tool, put the other tiny slot of the wirewrap tool around the wire it is to be connected to, like the anode or cathode of an LED, then twirl the wirewrap tool in your fingers, leaving a tiny tight spiral of wire wrapped around the connection.

-- Howard Rheingold

[The wikipedia page for wire wrap goes into great detail of how and why it works, and the various methods for wire wrapping. And here is a video tutorial for those interested in learning more. --OH]

Wire Wrap Tool

Available from and manufactured by Radioshack

from Cool Tools


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