LG Introduces 23" Display with Touch for Windows 8-Based PCs

While I know that Win 8 Works better in a touch-based environment,
I'm not so sure this would be as widely adopted as LG might think.

If it were mounted flush with a desktop surface, it might be useful as a
desktop implementation of a tablet experience....

LG Introduces 23" Display with Touch for Windows 8-Based PCs:
LG's Touch 10 Display Brings Touchscreen Experience to Desktops

LG Touch 10 is a 23” monitor with touchscreen functionality and 1920*1080 resolution. The display utilizes an in-pane switching (IPS) pane with advanced color and clarity. LG did not release full specs of the new monitor, one should probably expect advanced high performance IPS (AH-IPS) panel with improved colour accuracy and greater light transmission as well as lower power consumption compared to several years-old display. According to LG, the monitor’s setup is hassle-free and the full touch functionality is available as soon as the monitor is connected, no extra software is required.

Most touchscreens utilize a two-finger recognition system which allows for basic manipulation of onscreen elements. LG’s Touch 10 monitor affords users the ability to use all their fingers at the same time, meaning they can perform a number of new actions, such as dragging and rotating multiple items simultaneously. The highly responsive touch screen also enables the user to take advantage of Windows 8 features, including the on-screen keyboard. The Touch 10 monitor also supports a capacitive stylus (purchased separately) should the user prefer a pen-like interface.

via Metagrinderhttp://metgrinder.blogspot.com/2012/11/lg-introduces-23-display-with-touch-for.html


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