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Rebecca Black Friday (OFFICIAL PARODY VIDEO) Kyle Cease

Wednesday Lyrics - By Kyle Cease (Parody of Rebecca Black's Friday) Waking up in the morning Because it's a better time to wake up than the afternoon Afternoon is later than the morning In case you had a bet Also there is evening too That is another time there is So if you need to know all three It's morning, middle and dark I could sit in the back seat I could sit in the front seat Why would you give me these You know I hate choices It's Wednesday Wednesday That's the day I said twice If you forgot what I said it's Wednesday twice Modern Family and family (Yeah) Modern Family and family and(Yay) I have a weird job that starts on Friday So my days I like are Wednesday That is the next day in my like list Fun, fun, a series of fun It was even fun when I just said fun Other things that are fun include distant black guys Enter Rapper Travon Free Did you really just F*&%ing do that? You just gonna do that during March Madness? Where's your bracket? You prob…